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Holland America Line Pauses All Alaska Cruises Sailing Roundtrip from Seattle Scheduled to Depart in June 2021

Holland America Line has announced it is extending its pause of cruise operations to now include all June 2021 roundtrip sailings to Alaska from Seattle, Washington. This includes six cruises on Eurodam and Oosterdam with a call at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

At this time, Alaska cruises sailing roundtrip from Seattle departing in July and onward have not been canceled. Following the earlier Canadian Transport Ministry Interim Order that closed Canadian ports to passenger vessels, discussions continue with Canadian and United States government authorities to try to preserve remaining Seattle Alaska sailings. Holland America Line previously announced the cancellation of all 2021 Alaska cruises to or from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

“We continue to stay actively engaged in dialogue with authorities in Canada and the United States to understand what cruise opportunities may still exist in Alaska, knowing how important this market is not only to our brand, but to the communities and individuals who depend on our business,” said Gus Antorcha, president of Holland America Line. “We share with our guests the disappointment of canceling these voyages, and we remain hopeful that we can operate some of the Alaska cruise season.”

All Guests Will be Moved to a Comparable Alaska Cruise in 2022
Guests currently booked on the canceled roundtrip Seattle-Alaska June departures will automatically be moved to an equivalent cruise in 2022 at the 2021 fare – with all cash and Future Cruise Credit funds moved to the new booking.

Once a new booking confirmation is received, if guests decide not to accept the 2022 cruise booking, they will have the option to decline the booking and receive an FCC of 110% of any cash paid. Guests will also be able to request a full refund of all monies paid to Holland America Line.

The minimum FCC is $25 and will be valid for sailings departing through Dec. 31, 2022, and will be moved to the guest loyalty account. Non–cruise fare purchases (shore excursions, airfare, gifts, dining and spa) will be transferred to a new booking or automatically refunded via the method of payment used to purchase the goods or services.

Other booking and cancellation conditions and policies may apply if the cruise was not booked through Holland America Line.

  • Steven

    Please see your April 14 2020 Blog Post for reference. I had an Alaska Cruise booked for Summer 2020 that was subsequently cancelled by HAL. Per the Option 1 referenced in that post, I stayed with HAL and received in my Mariner Account both FCCs (125% of payment) and OBCs valued at $250 pp for each cruise I had previously signed up for but were cancelled. I then rebooked an Alaska Cruise for Summer 2021 that was cancelled this February. So I was not able to use those OBCs … through no fault of my own.

    Per that Option 1, my FCC’s and OBC’s could be applied to “any” cruise. However, I am trying to book a replacement and I am NOT being credited back my “choose any cruise” OBCs even though my subsequent cruise was also cancelled. If I hadn’t picked a cruise, now cancelled, I would still have my OBCs in my account for use. Instead, it appears I am being penalized for picking a now cancelled cruise. Please explain why HAL is now not honoring the OBCs they provided to me for staying with HAL for a any cruise that is still scheduled to depart before December 31, 2021. This seems very unfair, not good business, and contrary to the April 2020 cancellation offer.


  • Chris Pace

    I am trying to put together a Suprise Holland America Cruise for my wife (Diane) and I, for our 25th Wedding Anniversary on June 29th. We have sailed with Holland America from Seattle to Alaska Cruise about 20 years ago with our Best Friend’s. We so Enjoyed this Cruise and I want to set up another Cruise for Her. We are both Retired now but on Fixed Incomes. I am now Disabled so we are on a Limited Income. If at all possible, I would love to Bless Diane, my wife with a Balcony Room. If my Memory serves me correctly, I believe the best time to go is the 1st or 2nd week of September. Is this Correct or should I Book the Cruise earlier & which Ship? Thank you so much for all your help and advice. Sincerely, Chris Pace.

  • Chris Pace

    I sent you a Comment above about sending my wife and I on a Holland America Cruise this Summer of 2021. Its a Suprise for my wife, for our 25th Wedding Anniversary which is June 29th. I am now Disabled but I can still walk with a Cane, and on a Limited Income. Is it possible to Bless her with a Balcony Room and which Ship. 20 years ago my wife and I with our best friends Cruised with Holland America on the I think the Ousterdam. It’s been a while. Can I get Special Pricing for this next Cruise. Thank You, Holland America Cruise Lines so much. Sincerely. Chris Pace.

  • Julie

    Hi Chris, what a lovely gesture for your wife. Please visit our Cruise Deals page to see what cruises have special pricing or packages at this time. We hope to welcome you on board in the future!

  • Julie

    Hi Steven, we apologize for this situation. We have passed along your comment to the appropriate team member, as we do not have any booking access at the blog to see what’s going on. We’ve asked someone to reach out. In the meantime, could you please email your booking details to Thank you.

  • Laura

    When will you announce the status of Alaska July 2021 cruises from Seattle? We have 3 cabins for a family vacation and would like to make other plans if this cruise isn’t going to take place. This is a delayed cruise from 2020. We are now less than 90 days from the sailing date. Thanks for any insight you might share.

  • Julie

    We appreciate your eagerness to know if these cruises will take place. Please continue to check here or the Holland America Line website for any updates.

  • Ann Ring

    Our cruise to Alaska was cancelled in April 2020- with a promise of additional options if we would book
    in 2021 and not cancel our 14 day cruise. This is what we did- what a mistake. Cruises again cancelled that had to dock in Canada. We decided to cancel and get a refund. What a job it is to get Holland America and American Airlines to refund what we paid!
    Steven- I know exactly how you feel !

  • Linda Olsen

    I was wondering if there was any update to the possible extension of postponing Holland America Cruises to Alaska beyond the published June 2021 date (spoken about in this article). I am looking at cruising in mid-July on the Eurodam, and the travel agency is waiting for an update from HA and/or the Canadian Transport Ministry on their interim order to pause all trip through June. Any update is appreciated

  • Diana Morgan

    When can I expect to find out the status of my July 9th Alaskan cruise round trip from Seattle on the oosterdam. It’s getting really close and we need to make other plans or start travel plans ASAP

  • Julie

    We are still looking into a way to make these happen and have no update just yet.

  • Julie

    We are still looking into a way to make these happen and have no update just yet.

  • Sean

    Hi there, I have an Alaskan cruise from Seattle on July 4th. Any updates on that? The ship – Oosterdam is still in Europe. Thank you!

  • Virginia Wilson.

    Please, Please give us an update. We have flights and hotels to deal with. We are scheduled for Alaska in July. I understand that Canada will not let us in, then why don’t we just NOT stop in Canada. That would be okay with most people. We just want to sail!

  • Eujeana r Pottinger

    I was wondering if the round trip cruise from Seattle is still on for September 4th 2021. Or if it has been canceled. I was booked in 2020 for this cruise and rolled it over to 2021. I still haven’t heard anything my travel agent has heard anything either. I would like to know . Thank You! Jeana Pottinger

  • Beth McAllister

    Why is it taking so long to resolve the issues with Canada? This has been going on for months with no resolution. We are scheduled July 3rd on the Eurodam, which HAL changed to Nieuw Amsterdam. We sure would like to know ASAP if this is still happening. It is ridiculous to make these passengers wait so long for a response. Please respond. Thank you.

  • Julie

    Beth, the problems are not internally with Holland America Line. We are working through governmental regulations that involve multiple parties. We apologize for the delay in letting you know if your cruise will happen as we try to work through this.

  • Julie

    We are still working through the governmental regulations for Alaska cruising.

  • Julie

    Virgina, the United States has a Passenger Vessel Services Act that requires all cruises sailing within the United States to call at a foreign port. This is why our Hawaii cruises visit Mexico. We are trying to work through this with the government.

  • Deb Diede

    We had a family cruise lined up for August, 2020. This was cancelled and we rebooked for July 31,2021. Now we are just in limbo again to see if we go. We do not need to stop in Canada. Is it a fact that all our expeditions we have paid for in Alaska are cancelled? If that is the case why would we want to sail 7 days to Alaska and get to see nothing. Come on Holland America… some decisions have to be made. We need to make travel plans, etc.

  • Judith A Dugas-Cilva

    Hello, I had book a cruise for myself and my daughter for her birthday that is fully paid. We were to sail from Vanvouver on July 1. Are there any updates

  • Susan

    I was so disappointed to get an email from Inspiration Cruises that our July 17th Alaska cruise with Turning Point Ministries was canceled but another Alaska cruise is planned on the 24th. I don’t understand what difference one week makes. Why was our trip canceled?

  • Diana Morgan

    Consum one please let me know if I am still going to Alaska July 11th on the oosterdam? It has not been cancelled on the website I can literally make excursion bookings as of right now. If it is going to be cancelled I would really like to know because I would need cancel flights and cancel rental cars hotel rooms etcetera. And if it’s not going to happen I would like by substantial amount of money Returned so I can go on vacation this year

  • Julie

    Hi Susan, we are starting the season July 24. We need a specific amount of time per the CDC to get the ships up and running. We need to crew them and get prepared. We are sorry your cruise was cancelled.

  • Julie

    Hi Judith, All cruises sailing to or from a Canadian port were cancelled months ago. Please contact reservations as soon as possible.

  • Julie

    Diana, that cruise will be rebooked. If you cannot make the new date, you can accept an FCC of 110% or a full refund.

  • John

    I just logged into my Holland America account and noticed I’ve been moved to a different cruise leaving a day earlier (7th August) and on a different ship! Was Oosterdam now Nieuw Amsterdam. No cabin number (I picked a specific cabin on Oosterdam).
    They’ve also changed the itinerary and have no available shore excursions on this cruise.
    I wonder if HAL were going to advise me of the changes or if I was just expected to notice them…as I did? Obliviously this change would impact on flights hotels etc.
    Non of these changes are shown/reflected on my travel agency website or my account on their site!!
    I have spoken to my travel agent (Iglu Cruise) today and they have not been informed of the changes either! Very shocking behaviour from HAL.
    I suggest everyone check their itineraries on the HAL website.

  • Julie

    Hi John, you and/or your travel advisor should have been notified before this change. Please have your travel advisor call their sales rep or Holland America Line to discuss immediately. Apologies you were not notified.

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