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Glacier Bay Podcasts: For Kids

Creating creative kids programs that entertain while providing facts about Glacier Bay is a part of the job that really appeals to Glacier Bay Park Ranger Steve Schaller. Steve is in charge of kids programs that are presented in Club Hal during the day spent in Glacier Bay. Club HAL has a dynamic youth staff that jam packs a kid’s day with fantastic activities. From creating totem poles that teach them the Tlingit culture, to animal identification, kids will get through the day before they know it. And along their adventure towards earning the rank of Jr. Ranger, they might experience an Orca alert, a game which teaches about a Killer Whale’s echo location.

There are historical stories complete with puppets, a chance to feel what a bear actually feels like and a steaming mug of hot chocolate that keeps them warm inside while whale watching. And if they return to Glacier Bay and stay for awhile they can witness animals who live in the bay’s tide pools as they paddle out in rented kayaks around Bartlett Cove because Steve has an active kids program ashore. Kids who want to know more are encouraged to sign up for Glacier Bay’s Twitter Feed and visit the Glacier Bay website. While there, they can download the Junior Ranger handbook and see what their adventure has in store! With over 400,000 people a year visiting Glacier Bay, you can bet there’s a lot of Junior Rangers who leave with an experience they’ll never forget.

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Listeners can download all 16 of the Glacier Bay podcasts, or only a specific audio file, onto a personal iPod, MP3 or portable media player before embarking on a Holland America Line Alaska cruise to Glacier Bay. Preloaded podcasts on iPods also are available on board for checkout. To access the complete “Glacier Bay Ranger Podcast Anthology” click here.

Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman, travel writers, broadcasters and regular contributors to the Holland America blog, worked with the National Park’s rangers, scientists and naturalists to allow you this rare insider’s view into the science and wild beauty of Glacier Bay National Park.

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