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Facebook Fans: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

We asked our Facebook fans for their favorite rainbow photos, and we got some gorgeous shots. Enjoy!

This shot was taken from the lido deck just as the roof was opening over the pool. I believe it was just outside St. Thomas. My childhood friend and I (BFF) were celebrating 41 years of friendship with this cruise back in 2007. – Darlene Wirch

Rainbow over the Maasdam

Rainbow over Maasdam.

These photos were taken as the Zuiderdam was moving through the locks in the Panama Canal during our 10-day holiday cruise this past winter. Not only was learning about the locks an amazing experience, but mother nature didn’t disappoint either. We had never seen a double rainbow before! – Sarah Ogborn

Rainbow in Panama

Rainbow in Panama

Rainbow in Panama

Here are rainbow photos from my Alaska cruise on the Ryndam in 1997. My photos are of a ‘dogstar’ rainbow in Portage glacier. A dogstar is a triangular shaped rainbow caused by the sun reflecting off suspended ice crystals blown by cold down drafts off the glacier but held aloft by the thermal updraft of the heat from the sun heated water. – Marty

Dog Star #1

Stay tuned for more beautiful rainbow photos from our Facebook fans!

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