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Explorer’s Scrapbook: Puppy Love

During the Musher’s Camp & Sled Dog Experience in Skagway, we went to the musher camp. These pups are 9 weeks old and they are trained for the Iditarod race in Alaska. Known as ”the last great race on earth,” the Iditarod was inspired by a dogsled relay in 1925 to provide a life-saving serum to stricken locals in Nome. The Alaska Railroad ferried the medicine 250 miles north to Nenana, and from there 20 volunteer dogsled drivers relayed the serum the remaining 674 miles in the middle of a frigid winter. The serum arrived in Nome five days and seven hours after leaving Nenana and the residents of the town were saved. Today, Iditarod mushers brave much of the same wild Alaskan trail as those early heroes.

Taromi Lourdes Joseph
Human Resources Manager
ms Zaandam

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