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Csaba’s Aperture: Juneau, Alaska

Here are some great snapshots taken in Juneau, Alaska.

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20120523_9999_370 1200px

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Csaba Desvari is Oosterdam’s culinary operations manager.

  • Susan Drechlser

    Csaba, you pictures are incredible. My husband and father in law left on the Oosterdam out of Seattle June 2nd. Your pics are giving me an early preview of what they are seeing. They both enjoy cold weather as they are from the north. Too cold for me.

    Also, they are use to very good food as my father is a retired executive chef and my husbands mother (who has since passed) was an excellent cook in addition to specializing in southeast Asian food. I know they are in good hands on the food end of things.

    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  • Csaba


    Thank you for your nice words.

    Kind regards,

  • Csaba


    Thank you for your comment. All the best.

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