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Bert’s Beauty Shots: Passion for Flowers

We were in Juneau on Wednesday. For me it is still one of the more interesting destinations because more flowers can be found in Juneau than any of the other ports in this area.

The vibrant colors and the endless number of details in these little things have always fascinated me. Especially when you like macro photography, flowers are a great target — first of all because of the details you find in flowers once you look close enough; secondly, they hardly move, which makes it a lot easier to take a crisp, sharp shot. Especially with macro photography, since you are much closer than you would be when taking non-macro shots, it is imperative to keep the subject still because any movement would instantaneously blur the subject.


It gets tricky when you want to capture live insects since they always move. Therefore I recommend using a fast shutter and a high ISO or even flash. (Even in daylight you should use flash when taking macro shots). The faster the shutter speed, the more chance you have to freeze the moving subject like a bee on a flower as well as the fly.



Bert van Mackelenbergh is the hotel manager aboard Westerdam.

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