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30 August 2009, Dublin, Ireland.

Although Dublin is much frequented in the summer by cruise ships, it does not have a dedicated cruise terminal. Where we docked was a regular cargo pier that had been made “cruise” friendly for buses and taxi’s. The area can take two cruise ships, one on either side of a large semi triangular dock. Today…   read more of “30 August 2009,…”

28 August 2009, Cobh one more time.

The rain clouds disappeared in the late afternoon and after sunset Cobh looked really idyllic. Crystal clear skies (caused by the strong and cold wind blowing) and a pale moon that shone on the houses along the quay. We had a fabulous view from the bridge over those houses and the bay. It remained the…   read more of “28 August 2009,…”

27 August 2009, Cobh, Ireland.

It was amazing; after stormy weather all day yesterday, the wind died down completely in the early morning. Not a ripple on the waves. Thus we arrived with wind still weather at the pilot station. A bit strange for this to happen, such a change; but I was not going to complain. It meant that…   read more of “27 August 2009,…”

24 August 2009, Leaving Tilbury.

After two nights of good rest, I love these overnights as I can really catch up on my sleep; we started preparing the Prinsendam for departure and for our next cruise. This cruise is called Gaelic Legends and will take 14 days. It goes all the way around The United Kingdom, sailing clockwise and will…   read more of “24 August 2009,…”

23 August 2009, Tilbury 2nd Day.

23 August 2009, Tilbury 2nd Day.

It is not often that cruise ships do overnights as regular cruises are based on the fine balance between port time, sea time and an optimum cruise schedule. However with our cruise ending in Greenwich there had to be overnights as Greenwich is tide related. You can only get in on the one day, do…   read more of “23 August 2009,…”