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13 December 2011; At Sea.

It was a miserable sunrise with strong winds and heavy rain squalls. The good part was that the wind was a following wind and thus it remained nearly wind still on the decks but the rain poured down until after 10 am. Then it cleared and remained dry and even sunny for the remainder of…   read more of “13 December 2011;…”

11 December 2011; At Sea.

11 December 2011; At Sea.

Around midnight we rounded Cabo Maisi, the east point of Cuba and entered the Windward Passage. It takes about six hours to sail through the passage and then you emerge south of cape Tiburon in the Caribbean Sea. Cape Tiburon is the south western point of Haiti. This area is called the Jamaican Passage as it…   read more of “11 December 2011;…”

10 December 2011; At Sea.

At the moment we are back to the regular weather for this area. North Easterly wind, force four to five with the occasional shower. As is the standard routine we try to hit the showers during the night time, to help the chief officer with getting the salt off the deck but we are trying to…   read more of “10 December 2011;…”

08 December 2011; At Sea.

 By midnight we had come around the eastern corner of Cuba, called Cabo Maisi and we were heading North West into the Old Bahama Channel. We did not see much of the coast here as we are hugging the right hand side of the Vessel Traffic Separation Scheme, our highway at sea. It looked like all…   read more of “08 December 2011;…”