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28 March 2011; At Sea.

28 March 2011; At Sea.

This was our second windy day at sea. Wind caused by this high pressure ridge near the Azores and of course also by the ships speed going against it. 30 knots of wind speed and another 15 of ships speed, gave a “stormy feeling” on the outside deck of 45 knots. Thus we had the…   read more of “28 March 2011; At…”

27 March 2011; At sea.

Thus after our experiences in Dakar we have two restful days at sea, time to plan for our next port of calls, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Here we will stay two days and then we will visit Arrecife on Lanzarote.  As was forecast the wind did not diminish but grew even stronger during the day…   read more of “27 March 2011; At…”

24 March 2011; At Sea.

The total distance between Mindalo and the Banjul Sea buoy is 540 Nautical miles, while the shortest distance between the most Eastern Cape Verde Island and the nearest African shore is just over 300 miles.  We had to travel this longer distance, firstly to get out of the Cape Verdes as Mindalo is located on…   read more of “24 March 2011; At…”