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30 December 2008, At Sea.

Wonderful weather, the way it is supposed to be. Easterly winds about 15 knots and a low swell running, powered by the trade winds. It’s a long time since I have seen that while sailing through the Yucatan channel. Thus we all enjoyed a grand day at sea. The ship is of course buzzing with…   read more of “30 December 2008,…”

29 December 2008, Key West.

If this weather continues and the weather charts do not indicate the opposite, then this is going to be the best weather cruise of the whole season, thus far. We sailed from Tampa with almost wind still weather and while going south there was just a gentle breeze. The weather in Key West was as…   read more of “29 December 2008,…”

28 December 2008, Tampa.

Arrival Tampa was beautiful. The wind abated late yesterday afternoon and by the time we approached the pilot station, it was down to a gentle breeze, creating just enough flow over the water to keep the haze away. The Carnival Legend moved alongside in good time and thus I could park the Veendam without having…   read more of “28 December 2008,…”

27 December 2008, At Sea.

We had wobbly weather all day long, courtesy of a frontal system that had come down deep into the Caribbean Sea. Luckily the wind and waves were mainly coming in from starboard and thus the ship did not move very much. As it was sunny and warm guests could still enjoy the outside. The one…   read more of “27 December 2008,…”

25 December 2008, Costa Maya.

I arrived at Costa Maya at sunrise with a heavy heart because of the forecasted weather. The weather chart indicated very strong easterly winds and a heavy easterly swell and that meant that it would be difficult for the ship to remain alongside the dock as it would move up and down on the swell….   read more of “25 December 2008,…”

24 December 2008, Belize.

24 December 2008, Belize.

I arrived a little bit earlier than normal in Belize because my Shorex excursion manager was getting in a muddle with the tours. Not something that the guests noticed but as the tours did not always depart as planned on paper, she wanted to start a little bit earlier. As it entailed only me getting…   read more of “24 December 2008,…”

23 December 2008, At Sea.

It was a stormy day indeed. The Cold front with its rainy sector was lying over the Yucatan channel and created Gale to Storm force winds and strong rain showers in the afternoon. We had the wind three quarters on the stern so we did not feel the full brunt of it but it was…   read more of “23 December 2008,…”