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23 July 2008, Ketchikan.

23 July 2008, Ketchikan.

Ketchikan was indeed a dry day and had even sunny periods. Thus I saw, what I seldom see when arriving at Ketchikan lots of people on the forward deck enjoying the scenery while we sailed through the Tongass Narrows. With just a little bit of following wind it was indeed very pleasant on the outside…   read more of “23 July 2008,…”

22 July 2008, Juneau.

Arrival Juneau was wind still and wisps’ of mist where floating over the water. Very scenic. I was on the bridge by 03.30 for the early morning arrival of the ship. As we docked at the Alaska steamship dock we were the first ship coming in and that meant an early morning. We are already…   read more of “22 July 2008,…”

21 July 2008, Skagway.

As explained before, Skagway is a blow hole, where the wind funnels up the Lynn Canal and gathers momentum when coming North of Haines and going through the most narrow part of the Canal. So every captain approaches Skagway with a certain trepidation as you never know what you will find on arrival. We docked…   read more of “21 July 2008,…”

20 July 2008, Sitka

With almost no wind at all we entered Sitka Sound heading for the anchorage. There was still a low swell running and that caused the fishing vessels around us to bob up and down on the waves. Most of the vessels were smaller boats mainly used for charter fishing and had 6 to 8 people…   read more of “20 July 2008,…”

19 July 2008, Yakutat Bay.

With a lightly moving ship we sailed to the Yakutat Bay again. The weather system that had caused all these waves was rapidly disappearing into the main land only leaving some swell and rain in its wake. Luckily in the course of the day the drizzle diminished and the visibility improved. Exactly what was needed…   read more of “19 July 2008,…”

18 July 2008, Seward.

A wobbly night turned into a windy arrival, with 25 knots of wind gusting from the North East when we entered Resurrection Bay. A wind not very common for this time of the year and also not expected at all. It did die off during the day and by the time we left it was…   read more of “18 July 2008,…”

17 July 2008, Yakutat Bay.

Today was ice navigation with a capital I. We arrived timely at Ocean Cape and received the Rangers on board. The Indian Interpreters where there as well, Ted had not forgotten his ID this time (see Yakutat blog of 10 days ago) so all was well in the world. As the weather forecast had foreseen…   read more of “17 July 2008,…”