Windows Digital Workshops Receive an Update of Their Own

Windows Digital Workshops Receive an Update of Their Own

Some of the most popular enrichment activities aboard a Holland America Line cruise are the Digital Workshops powered by Windows classes.

In these complimentary lessons, Microsoft-trained “techsperts” teach guests with varying levels of computer and camera experience everything from making movies to creating an online scrapbook with cruise photos.

If you are yearning to learn more about computers and cameras, Holland America Line recently added nine new sessions for guests to enjoy onboard, bringing the total number of classes offered to 26! Windows also recently released an update to Windows 8.1 and with it came some exciting additions to the Digital Workshop curriculum.

The Windows update added mouse-friendly features for those users who disliked Windows 8’s new interface that focused on a touch experience. The update also made it easier to see which apps are open, switch between them and close the ones not being used and it brought the power button right back to the start screen.


Holland America Line’s techsperts are ready to make sure you don’t miss a beat with these new updates. Below is a list of the new classes as well as popular favorites that are remaining on the curriculum so you’ll know what to expect when you take your seat.

New Classes Added to the Digital Workshop Classes

  • Keep in touch with People: See your friends on different social media with the Windows People app.
  • Learn to navigate Windows 8.1: Learn to navigate, customize, and multitask with ease on Windows 8.1.
  • Manage your calendars: Use the Windows Calendar app to efficiently manage and edit your calendar events.
  • Monitor your health and fitness: Use Microsoft Healthvault to record and store health information and monitor dietary habits, exercise regimens, and fitness goals with Bing Health & Fitness health trackers
  • Personalize Windows 8.1: Learn how to customize and change your Windows experience
  • Search anywhere and everywhere: Use Bing Smart Search to find what you need on your PC or on the web.
  • Share your story with Movie Moments: Create, edit, and share a movie using Movie Moments.
  • Top 8 things to know about Windows: An inside look at Windows 8.1, the latest operating system for your PC
  • Use the Windows 8.1 desktop: Discover faster, more direct access to files, folders, and media with the Windows 8.1 desktop.

Popular Classes Remaining on the Curriculum

  • Create movies and slideshows: Create a movie out of your favorite photos and videos using Movie Maker and share it with friends and family using SkyDrive.
  • Discover SkyDrive: Connect to OneDrive.com and explore different ways to access, manage, and share your files on OneDrive.
  • Edit your photos like a pro: Use the Photos app to create professional-looking photos.
  • Find the Right PC for You: Discover the right Windows 8 PC for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Get creative with photo editing: Explore the advanced features of Photo Gallery in order to create pop art, collages, and panoramic photos.
  • Keep your photos organized: Discover how Photo Gallery can help manage, view, and organize photos through tags, captions, and ratings.
  • Learn to use your digital camera: Bring your digital camera, and we will show you how to use it.
  • Play music, videos and games on Windows 8.1: An inside look at entertainment using Windows 8 and Xbox.
  • Protect your family with Windows 8.1: Keep your family PC safer, more secured, and more protected for you and your family.
  • Reinvent your email with Outlook.com: Learn how to connect your social networks and manage your inbox and privacy settings.
  • Secure your Windows 8 PC: Help keep your PC protected from malware with Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. Back up your files and restore them when you need it the most.
  • Share at home with Windows 8.1: Share files using Windows 8.1 in a variety of ways.
  • Stay connected with Mail: Use the Windows Mail app as a hub for multiple email accounts.
  • Windows 8.1 basics: Learn tools and navigation tips to help you easily use Windows 8.1
  • Windows RT 8.1 basics: An inside look at Windows RT and its features.
  • Check out Windows Store: Get an inside look at the Windows Store by searching apps and reading reviews.
  • Techspert Time: A Techspert is available to answer your questions about Windows 8.

Even after you’ve stepped off your ship, you will still have the opportunity for some techspert time by visiting Holland America Line’s Digital Workshop blog. Maintained by techsperts, this blog features tips and tricks for using Windows 8. Special thanks to Trisha, who posted this on Hal’s Digital Workshop blog when Windows 8.1 recently received an update. She says the update had her “puzzled,” and provides a tip for anyone else who is feeling confused!

After 2 years of LOVING Windows 8 with the Start Screen tiles and teaching in my Digital Workshop how truly easy and fabulous this new style is to use I found my computer had basically reverted to mostly a Windows 7 Desktop environment. For those of you who love your Windows 7 I will admit it was a great operating system, but I made the switch to 8 because I HAD to have the live tiles with all the great information!!! But I also chose to have a non-touch screen computer due to cost. Users of 8.1 with tablets will see no noticeable change to their machines, but desktop users may get a shock when they don’t boot to their tiles or return to the Start Screen when pressing the Windows key or after closing open programs.

If you would like to bring back the familiar Windows 8.1 way of working after you finish installing your April update follow the instructions provided here:

Step one: Reveal your charms (Windows key + C)

Step two: Click search charm

Step three: Search for “taskbar” and select the search result “Taskbar and Navigation”

Step four: On the Navigation tab match the checked and unchecked boxes as shown.


Step five: Click to the Taskbar tab and uncheck the “Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar” box. (I realize after taking these screenshots that I have the box checked for auto-hide the taskbar, as that is a preference of mine, but you do not have to check that box if you like the taskbar to stay on your desktop).


Have you been to a Digital Workshop class onboard? Which new class are you looking forward to most?

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.


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    I have used Windows and still use Windows Parallel with my Mac. How about some lessons on using a Mac Many people do use Apple products.

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