While We’re on the Subject of Floating Buses …

While We’re on the Subject of Floating Buses …

The other day longtime reader Ben van Zeijl sent us a video of a new floating tour bus they have in Rotterdam. Today he sent us a photo of a different kind of floating vehicle.

In Ketchikan they have a Duck bus too. Fun We did a tour with them when we were in the port a/b my beloved Zaandam. The picture is included of the Duck tour bus.

Sorry for that ugly RCL vessel in the background.

Greetings, Ben.


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  1. PARROT MOM March 27, 2010 at 4:32 pm - Reply

    What’s the big deal.. Boston has had the Boston Duck Tours for years which goes into the Charles River..lol.. We have seen them in Halifax, N.S. Sadly we have had some serious flooding in MA and a few of them are being used to ferry residents back and forth to their homes..

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