What’s it Like to Sail Back-to-Back Grand Adventures? Meet an Avid HAL Cruiser

What’s it Like to Sail Back-to-Back Grand Adventures? Meet an Avid HAL Cruiser

President’s Club member and “World Adventure” blogger Jeff set sail on the 2014 Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage in September aboard ms Amsterdam. Jeff has more than 1,600 cruise day with Holland America Line and calls the ship his home away from home. Directly following this grand adventure, Jeff will stay onboard for the 2015 Grand World Voyage.

Throughout his voyages, we’ll be featuring Jeff’s fabulous photos that tell the story of his time onboard. From Asia to Australia, Singapore to Spain – and everywhere in between – experience Jeff’s cruising adventure through his incredible photo diary.

Jeff will be onboard for a while, so enjoy this Q&A that lets you get to know Jeff better … since we’ll be spending a lot of time together with him on the blog! Keep reading to see Jeff’s first couple of weeks onboard in photos.

When did you get bitten by the travel bug?
Jeff: I really got the travel bug back in 1972 when I moved to Europe for work. I spent the next two years traveling all over western Europe.

How long have you cruised with Holland America Line?
Jeff: I had my first cruise on November 19, 1988, on the ms Noordam, cruising the eastern Caribbean.

How many Holland America Line cruises have you been on?
Jeff: I am currently on my 35th Holland America Line cruise with over 1,600 cruise days.

What keeps you coming back?
Jeff: I have a passion for exploring the world and the Holland America Line staff are like family.

What’s your favorite Holland America Line ship and why?
Jeff: My favorite Holland America ship is the ms Amsterdam since it has become my second home. I have done the vast majority of my Holland America Line cruising aboard the ms Amsterdam, including seven Grand World Voyages and five Grand Asia-Pacific voyages.

What’s your favorite part of the world?
Jeff: I find Asia fascinating. There is so much to see and learn about Asian ports, cultures and the amazing people.

What are your top three ports?
Jeff: That is a very difficult question to answer since I have been blessed to explore so many fascinating locations around the world. A few that come to mind would be Mumbai, Bora Bora and any port that I get to visit for the very first time.

What’s been your most memorable moment on a Holland America Line cruise?
Jeff: My two most treasured memories are experiencing my first world voyage in 2007 and being inducted into the President’s Club during the 2013 World Voyage.

What do you like to do onboard?
Jeff: I like to relax pool-side enjoying the sunshine, visiting with friends and reading.

If you could move anywhere you’ve been on a Holland America Line cruise, where would it be?
Jeff: The Caribbean.

What destination is still on your “bucket list” of places to visit?
Jeff: The Baltic.

Your photos are stunning. What’s your inspiration?
Jeff: I try to show and share an accurate picture of the places I visit and the people I encounter. There are people around the world that for a variety of reasons are unable to travel as extensively I have been fortunate enough to do. The blog enables them to travel vicariously and to create their own personal bucket list. It’s the feedback I continuously receive from these people that is the real inspiration for my photography.



The long awaited day finally arrived and I was home once again, aboard the ms Amsterdam. I had a very nice welcome by Stein Kruse, CEO of Holland America Line, along with Captain Fred Eversen; Hotel Director Henk Mensink; Gerald Bernhoft, Director of the Mariner Program; and our Cruise Director Gene Young. It was great boarding the ship with my friends Allan, Sandra, Brad and Gloria. Once aboard, it was very exciting seeing so many friends, both crew members as well as fellow guests. This is always one of the best parts of a Grand Voyage, getting reacquainted with old friends. Of course, the more you do these the more old friends you end up running into.

It was a wonderful day, aside from the arduous task of unpacking. After boat drill, there was a fabulous sail away party. As we sailed out of the harbor it soon became time to get serious about unpacking again. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about packing again for 7 months. This will be a fantastic voyage … we have 3 days at sea now heading for Kodiak, Alaska. In Kodiak I will be heading out with my friends Harry, Margo and Brad on a float plane in search of Kodiak Bears … Pretty exciting stuff!

Jeff was welcomed onboard by top executives and officers, top right, and enjoyed seeing friends.

Jeff was welcomed onboard by top executives and officers, top right, and enjoyed seeing friends.

The grand voyage called at Alaska ports after departing Seattle. Jeff’s photos are from visits to Kodiak and Dutch Harbor.



Next up on the voyage was the country of Japan. Jeff snapped some gorgeous shots at Kushiro, Kanazawa and Fukuoka.

My tablemates and I all went on a tour together exploring the Kushiro area. We first stopped at the Kishiro Shitsugen National Park. We found lovely scenery and lots of Red Crested Cranes along the way … We then headed to Lake Akan and the Ainu Kotan … We loved watching them perform their native dances … Our final stop was at a private Japanese garden which was beautiful … It was a wonderful day exploring with a great group of friends!

Kushiro, Japan.

Kushiro, Japan.

Loved our visit to Kanazawa! Our first stop was at the Omi-cho Market which has been in existence for 270 years. We spent a fair amount of time there and then headed out on the loop bus for the Hashiba-cho area to see the Geisha houses. We enjoyed walking the street and checking out the tea houses, and then headed for the Kenrokuen Gardens, one of the top 3 gardens in all of Japan … Next we walked to the Kanazawa Castle Park to check out the castle and its gardens, just magnificent! To finish up the day we went to the Nomachi area to look at some Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

Kanazawa, Japan.

Kanazawa, Japan.

Kanazawa, Japan.

Kanazawa, Japan.

I was pretty excited since this was a first time visit [to Fukuoka]. We had a fabulous day! We walked over 10 miles, took a lot of subways and buses and covered Fukuoka pretty well. We first headed to the Nishi Park area checking out the park, shrines and temples. Next we went to the Fukuoka Tower for some magnificent views. Then we headed to the Ohori Park for some real scenic beauty along with the Fukuoka Castle ruins and a major highlight the Gokoku Shrine. Then it was off to the Gion area where we visited three places of worship which were highlighted by the Tochoji Temple and the Shofukuji Temple.

Scenes from Fukuoka, Japan.

Scenes from Fukuoka, Japan.

Next up on the Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage is another call in Japan, then on to South Korea and China. Stay tuned to the blog for more of Jeff’s photos. And if you want to read Jeff’s blog, click HERE.

All photos in this blog post were taken by Jeff.


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  1. Ludwina van den Brink October 8, 2014 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Hello Jeff, As I see that Bora Bora is on your list of favourits, I would like to ask you what not to miss. We will go on a cruise from San Diego to French Polinesia in december this year. Maybe you could give me some advice, we will be on board of the Statendam.Thank you.

  2. Wendy October 9, 2014 at 2:16 pm - Reply

    Hi Jeff
    We board in Shanghai next Saturday — I’ll also be blogging for this site from Shanghai to Sydney. I’m a New Zealander (although a Jersey Girl by birth :-) ). Look forward to meeting you and sharing this amazing adventure! BTW – great photos!!
    Enjoy this coming week.

  3. Nancy Currie October 9, 2014 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    I love your pictures. We have done the Asia, Pacific on the Amsterdam. Now I want to go around the world. Maybe the Sept. 2015 trip would be great. Keep the pictures coming.

  4. Denise Wintemberg October 12, 2014 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    Jeff, The pictures are inspiring and fabulous!!! We are also boarding the Amsterdam in Shanghai on Oct. 16. So looking forward to the trip. Wendy, we are also from New Jersey. Look forward to meeting you and others

  5. Allan October 22, 2014 at 12:30 am - Reply

    Jeff when are we getting more updates. Thanks

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