Travel Blogger Chris Owen Headed to Alaska aboard Oosterdam

Travel Blogger Chris Owen Headed to Alaska aboard Oosterdam

Travel blogger Chris Owen is currently sailing aboard Oosterdam throughout Alaska. He will be documenting his experience at Chris Cruises, his personal travel blog. Here is the first entry.

I’ve been on board a matter of hours but it only took about 32 seconds to “get” what’s going on here. Holland America Line is a nice fit for nice people. Period. We’ll have a week to explore the ship and turn Holland America’s on-board programming inside out to see what makes it tick but my initial impression is “Oh my, where have you been all my life?” On board walking the decks I see no scary people. Just normal folks enjoying a ship on the first day. Was that someone walking by with a bucket of beer I just saw? Yes, it was and it was not out of place. Dining venues are operating at full speed and peppy crew members are around every corner, looking for people to help.

One great reason to come to Alaska

One great reason to come to Alaska.

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  1. Ivy Whhite August 14, 2012 at 11:35 am - Reply

    OK, are you in the pay of Hooand America? Obviously a free jpurney. THe crew are lovely. The ship well cared for and so clean and just what it should be. AND if I have to listen to one more harangue about diamond buying I will just scream! Really? 30 minutes at a time a bout diamond shopping at only ONE store! Gee, I wonder who is the real owner of that corporation, HOlland America do you you think or therie parent company? THe shows are well performed but they are boring and uninspired. Lighting not even interesting.

    Re the food, in the main dining rooms, generally good. Elsewhere, vegetables mushy, pastry tough and even the ice cream is fairly tasteless. The sushi is of the cheapest possible ingredients and look, I know, it is expensive to operate this ship but please, you either need a better exec chef or better sous chefs. THe “asian food is no better than at the Panda, which as we know is only acceptable because it is so CHEAP!

    There is no way to read anything about where we are going on the shipboard computers. ONly info about the diamond shopping and tanzanite and whatever other gemstones they are hawking. So, that is very disappointing.

    Thass all for now, to be continued. Let’s see if they leave this up!

    A different traveler.

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