She’s Seeing Stars on HAL

She’s Seeing Stars on HAL

Ellen White sent us this photo of a T-shirt she is decorating with a star each time she sails on Holland America Line. That’s all she sent — the photo. So we wrote her back and asked for some additional information. It turns out she has a very interesting story.


I’m a very enthusiastic almost 83-year old who just a few years back discovered the delights of a Holland America sailing …. on an Alaskan cruise provided by good friends to help me work through the passing of both my husband and son — my only child.

This past April I thoroughly enjoyed the Fort Lauderdale to Rome Atlantic transit and now I’m scheduled for the Ryndam out of Tampa Dec. 13.

Being a positive thinker I’m planning on winning the Lotto and completing my collection of stars!

I’ve been an enthusiastic ham radio operator for over 60 years and a fairly avid photographer — oh yes, I am of the feline persuasion, having two beautiful Bengals — Zamir and Sashay.

Born and raised in NYC, I’ve lived in Californjia, Hawaii, 26 years in Connecticut (on the staff of the American Radio Relay League — the national organization of ham radio operators) and in Florida since 1978. We lived in Homestead until August 24, 1992, when Hurricane Andrew blew us out of the Miami area and into the west coast of Florida, a little east of Tampa in a town called Seffner.

Oh yes, I work out 5X weekly at our local “Y” — don’t mess with me!

Bon voyage!

Ellen White, W1YL

(The W1YL represents my radio amateur call letters — my license.)

Early in my “careers” I was a broadcast station engineer and announcer (rare for a young woman in those days), in both Hawaii and San Diego. A first-class FCC radiotelephone license was required, which I had earned.

Also did volunteer work (10 years) for the Talking Book program for the Library of Congress, recording QST, the monthly technical journal for ham radio operators.


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