Postcards from Sydney, Nova Scotia

Eurodam alongside the pier in Sydney.

Sydney was founded by Col. Joseph Frederick Wallet DesBarres in 1785, and named in honor of Thomas Townshend, First Viscount Sydney (also the home secretary in the British cabinet at the time). Lord Sydney appointed Col. DesBarres governor of the new colony of Cape Breton Island. DesBarres landed with a group that consisted primarily of poor English citizens and disbanded soldiers. A group of loyalists from the state of New York, fleeing the aftermath of the American Revolution, joined the immigrants upon their arrival in the neighboring colony of Nova Scotia. The site DesBarres chose for the new settlement was along the southwest arm of Sydney Harbor.

St. George’s Church is the oldest building in Sydney. It was built in 1785, the year Sydney was founded.

This monument in the park was erected to memorialize those who fought in WWI and WWII.


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