Postcards from St. Maarten

Postcards from St. Maarten

Aboard Eurodam

SXM Airport

I think the Princess Juliana Airport is one of a kind. You can sit on the beach and watch the planes land, and they land very, very close to you! Although for your own safety this is not recommended as reflected in the signs posted.

Why, you ask? The runway is very short and the beginning of the runway is very close to the beach.

It is not the shortest commercial runway in the world, but let’s put it this way — at one end of the runway are mountains and at the opposite end is the sea! Scary enough?

These above shots were taken at the beach where the runway starts, and yes, Jeroen and I did stand there and feel a blustery sand storm as the plane landed!

Nuts & Bolts

Last week, Hotel Manager Mark Pells, Captain van Donselaar and Chief Engineer Frank de Vries (above photo, from left) hosted a “Nuts and Bolts” session, which is a Q&A where guests can ask questions about the different aspects of life at sea such as how the water distillation plant works, how much alcohol was consumed this cruise, how much fuel is consumed etc. This open forum is unique and not available on every cruise. If you see it listed in the on-board daily program, don’t miss this opportunity to learn a little bit more from the inside.


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