Postcards from Rhodes, Greece

Postcards from Rhodes, Greece

Here are some photos from Rhodes, Greece.

Busy day in Rhodes port

Busy day in Rhodes port.

Roman ruins, Rhodes

Roman ruins.

Looking outside the walls, Rhodes

Looking outside the walls.

Noordam sailing with the dolphins, Rhodes

Noordam sailing with the dolphins.

Rhodes' protective moat and walls

Rhodes’ protective moat and walls.

Roman arena near Mt. Filerimos, Rhodes

Roman arena near Mt. Filerimos.

Grounds of Mt. Filerimos, Rhodes

Grounds of Mt. Filerimos.

Rhodes' back street

Rhodes’ back street.

Shots from Rhodes Rhodes mosaics Rhodes commercial street
Matching pink walls and scooter.  Love it.

Matching pink walls and scooter. Love it!

Rhodes restaurant

Rhodes restaurant.

Joanne Gardner is Noordam’s future cruise consultant.


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