Postcards from Dominica

Postcards from Dominica

Arky and Shirley are future cruise consultants aboard Eurodam. The ship called at Dominica last week and Maasdam is there today.

We visited another port in the Caribbean that we have not visited before. We had never been to Dominica, (doh muh NEE kuh). Our daughter Carla had been diving in Dominica a couple of years ago and told us a lot about it. She told us it rises almost straight up out of the sea, and she was correct. It is a very green island — maybe even more so than Samoa or New Caledonia, which we visited last fall on the ms Amsterdam.

Dominica is a tender port, which means we anchor out and then have to use the ship’s tenders to get to shore. As we do at most tender ports, we helped the shore-ex people get everyone ready for the tenders and then we went on one of the excursions ourselves. We saw a lot of this beautiful island and took some pictures, so take a look.


Our first tour stop was on a bluff overlooking the city of Roseau.


Next stop was a walk through a botanical garden.



Then we stopped at a boiling sulfur pot. We first saw the steam from the road and then around a corner we stopped and walked up a short trail to take a look.


Then we walked back out to the road and of course there were kiosks and guess what they were selling … mud from the sulfur pot, and I think they said it would cure everything from pimples to cancer. So, of course, we had to buy some. Imagine, spending money for mud. My goodness! I hope it works.

We had one more stop to make and that was to visit the emerald pool. It gets its name from the fact that in the sunlight it glows with a beautiful emerald color. It was cloudy and a little rainy when we walked to the pool but it was still a very wonderful sight to see. Take a look.


So we finished up the tour driving through the rain forest back to our house. We relaxed and watched out the windows as the beautiful scenery went by. We even had a rainbow appear over the mountains just to give us a great send off. So we leave another port with so many great memories and a hope that we will get to return.



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  1. Theresa-Peter Feldbrugge April 4, 2009 at 11:58 am - Reply

    What great photos, we sailed the Maasdam in mid February and visited Dominica and took some very similar photos as yours….great job! What a beatiful place to visit…we loved it.

    Theresa and Peter Feldbrugge

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