Postcards from a Holiday Cruise

Postcards from a Holiday Cruise

This entry was sent to us by Eurodam guest Susan Fisher.

For New Year’s ‘O8 we took a cruise on the Zuiderdam and after seeing families having fun, we decided to surprise our son and daughter and their significant others with a Christmas cruise on the brand-new Eurodam.

From that day forward, for nearly a year, we enjoyed the Eurodam blog. It was FASCINATING watching “our” ship being born! The descriptions of the choices that went into the making of an elegant transport were mesmerizing — from the anchor chain, to the placement of the cabins, to the choice of colors and art work, to the electronics, to the crew preparation — we saw it all! We looked forward to the Pinnacle Grill and the Spa and the Silk Den and our own balconies.


Our cruise materialized on Christmas week and it did not disappoint. The ship was beautifully grand, the service impeccable and the atmosphere special.


We made lasting family memories from having dinners together, kayaking in Grand Turk, swimming at Half Moon Cay, snorkeling at St. Maarten and marveling at Virgin Gorda, gambling in the casino, watching sunsets, going to wine tastings, and other pleasures too numerous for this space.



So, it is with great sadness that we read the Eurodam Blog has come to an end. It had become weekly reading, sometimes daily. We appreciated the humor, the candor, the insider info, the photos, the log of the ship. We will miss following our ship’s news on its own site! Although all things run their course and we do understand that the time to combine blogs might be right, it is a poignant moment.

While it will seem corny, I for one would like to thank Julie, Roland, Capt. Mercer and all who added their thoughts and personalities to this special communiqué. It was a great year of feeling part of a community. We will be back, though.

Godspeed to all of you!

Susan Fisher
Fallston, Md.


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