Postcard from Iceland

Postcard from Iceland

Thanks to Facebook fans Marcia and Wayne Skinner for sending in this great post and beautiful photo from their recent cruise on Eurodam.

We just completed a cruise on the ‘mighty Eurodam’ in the North Atlantic from Amsterdam to New York. I wanted to make a special mention about how well our captain and cruise director kept us informed. This was especially true as we had to make our way through a couple of hurricanes. We learned so much about weather patterns and I for one certainly appreciated the way in which we were kept informed and well cared for.

Despite having to miss a couple of ports, the remainder of our trip was spectacular, especially Iceland and Greenland. My favorite picture was taken just as we left the Blue Lagoon as the moon was appearing over the lava laden land. Thanks to HAL and all the staff for a great trip! — Marcia



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