Pack Like a Pro with Tips From O, The Oprah Magazine Creative Director Adam Glassman

O, The Oprah Magazine’s Creative Director Adam Glassman shares his deep knowledge and expertise to ensure that you feel like a packing pro and sail in style on your next Holland America Line cruise.


1. Plan Ahead: We tend to overpack when we wait. Make a list, know the itinerary and weather, then lay it all out. This will help in over-packing and being under-prepared.

2. Pack by Outfit: Glassman says this is the best way to pack. Come up with a palate of neutral items that mix and match easily. Then, layer a few pops of colors and patterns that complement the other pieces.

adam color

3. Layer Up: If you’re headed to cooler climates, bring pieces that mix and match and can be layered. An anorak shell, fleece zip-up and a long-sleeve T-shirt that can be worn over a tank. That way, you can add or remove layers as you go from day to night or as the weather changes.


1. Double Duty: Focus on key items that can do double duty and be worn with multiple things. A light jacket can be worn with a sun dress or a pair of jeans, and black pants can be dressed up or down. These pieces are great go-tos and save tons of room in your suitcase.

2. Pack an Extra Bag: Make a little room in your suitcase for a lightweight collapseable duffel or carry-all. It’s helpful for transporting any fun things you collect in your travels.

3. Beach Essentials: If you’re headed on a beach getaway, focus on the items you’ll be wearing most, like a bathing suit, sun glasses and a coverup. There are many crushable hats that are easy to pack. The best piece is a shawl that you can wear on the plane or if it gets cooler at night.

beach essentials


1. Editing is Key: No matter what trip you’re packing for, editing is key. After you’ve organized, go through the items one more time. Do you have three white shirts and two gray sweaters? Take out any multiples and save room in your bag.

2. Tried and True Shoes: If they aren’t a go-to pair at home, they shouldn’t be coming with you on your vacation. Take a stylish sneaker, go-anywhere flat and one pair of nude heals … if needed!

Adam shoes

3. Roll With It: Tightly rolled clothes take up less space in your bag than folded ones. It’s also easier to see your items and locate them in your bag when they’re not folded on top of each other. An added bonus … rolled clothes are less-prone to get deep wrinkles and creases.

4. Accessories: This is a great way to switch up a look without adding volume to your suitcase. A statement necklace, bold earrings, patterned scarf and a sleek bag can give instant polish to any outfit.

Now you’re read to pack like a pro! If you want to watch Adam present these tips in a series of short videos, visit Stay tuned for an upcoming post from O, The Oprah Magazine Beauty Editor Brian Underwood on the best vacation beauty routine.


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