Oosterdam Prepares for Original Azipod Install

Oosterdam Prepares for Original Azipod Install

Wiel Penders, technical operations for Holland America Line, sent us these photos he took during Oosterdam’s dry-dock. The ship will have its original Azipod reinstalled tomorrow, and these images show the preparations.

oo_azipod1 oo_azipod2
Oosterdam’s spare Azipod being prepared for removal.

oo-azipod3 oo-azipod4
Left: The propeller is lifted from the dock floor, as the new one is of a different size. Right: Hydraulic equipment and guide rails are placed to lower the spare 14.5-megawatt Azipod.

The original 17-megawatt Azipod is transported from its temporary storage space at the shipyard to the end of the dry-dock where it will be lifted off the tractor by two 120-metric-ton-capacity cranes simultaneously to the dock floor. The motor weighs approximately 180 metric tons.


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