On Location: Australia & New Zealand

With Volendam and Oosterdam recently arriving at Australia, the “On Location” program is in full swing on Australia and New Zealand cruises. “On Location” brings local traditions, culinary tastes and cultural experiences to life both on board and off to deepen guests’ appreciation of the destinations they are exploring. Guests who travel Down Under will have the opportunity to experience an array of local cuisine and activities — from boomerang painting to an Aussie barbecue on deck.


In the main dining room, the menu is brimming with exotic and local dishes sure to whet your appetite. In Sydney, select the “Crisped Crocodile Bites with Coconut Cream and Basil served with Macadamia Basmati rice, sesame-seared greens and chili oil drizzle” or “Macadamia-Crusted Baramundi Fillets Drizzled with ginger Kalbi sauce, and served with mashed sweet potatoes and assorted vegetables” for the main course. Looking to end the meal on a sweet note? Order the “Lamington Stack” (the famous Australian dessert of white sponge cake layered with strawberry jam and pastry cream, then dipped in chocolate and coated with coconut) or “Cherry Pavlova” (a sweetly crisp meringue shell with a soft marshmallow-like center, topped with whipped cream, tart cherries and toasted almonds).

When in New Zealand, guests can tempt their palate with “New Zealand Rack of lamb in crispy rice crust with tomato caper jus, fennel currant salad and parsnip puree,” “Cream of Regal Smoked King Salmon with Yoghurt and Watercress, flavored with coriander, star anise, chili and coconut cream” or perhaps “Soft Puhoi Valley Blue cheese Polenta with seared Scallops.” The local cuisine continues with an Aussie Brekkie (breakfast) and an Outback Barbecue at the Lido.

The region also is known to have some of the finest wines in the world, and guests can attend an Australian Wine Festival or New Zealand Wine Festival which features a selection of eight various wines and cheeses from the area.

Villa Maria is New Zealand's most awarded winery.

Guests can sample Villa Maria, New Zealand’s most awarded winery.

Another Aussie tradition that is brought to life onboard is an Arvo Session. Typically held on Sundays in Australia, any day is a great day for this get-together onboard. An Arvo Session is when friends and family join together for a low-key afternoon at the pub featuring drink specials and music. Onboard, guests can gather in the Crow’s Nest or Lido for delicious finger foods, entertaining music by a shipboard musician and a good time with friends.

If you’ve experienced the “On Location” program one on of your cruises, send photos to info@hollandamericablog.com. We’d love to feature them on one of Holland America Line’s social media channels.


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