Ode to The Beedam

Here are some pictures and a poem by guests Peter and Bruce about the ship building contest held recently on Veendam. Out of the four in competition they won. It floated, stayed up right, held cargo (12 cans of soda) and got a very big crowd response.

“The Beedam”
by Peter and Bruce

Beedam 3

This mighty ship was built by two
Unique because it has no crew
This first class ship is very unique
It took us just one short week

To gather supplies was a job and a half
Because we were told no by the staff
Clint sent us a letter telling us no
But on with the task we had to go

No fuel or stabilizers were used
So it should be a very cheap cruise
It is the latest in the fleet
So on the Beedam we will meet

Our design and structure is very neat
So captain please consider her in your fleet
Around the Horn we know she’ll sail
Even though there is a gale

To vote for us is all we ask
Or this Dam ship will be our last

Beedam 2

Beedam 1

Beedam 4

Ronald de Bloeme is Veendam’s safety, environmental and health officer.


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