Nieuw Amsterdam’s Keel Laying

Here are the much-anticipated photos from Nieuw Amsterdam’s keel laying March 24, 2009, at the Marghera Shipyard in Italy.


Holland America Line’s Director of Newbuilds Pieter Rijkaart (right) addresses the crowd accompanied by Marghera Shipyard Director Attilio Dapelo.

Rijkaart (right) and Dapelo.

The section of the hull that will be lowered onto the blocks.


Rijkaart (left) and Dapelo.

The section of the hull resting on the blocks.


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  1. Maasdam March 31, 2009 at 2:18 am - Reply

    Great pictures, milestone in the construction of this new HAL ship and 4th HAL vessel with the name Nieuw Amsterdam. Interesting, this Nieuw Amsterdam will also be a twin funnel vessel as here famous predecessor ss Nieuw Amsterdam (2) from 1938. She to was a twin funnel vessel.

    I notice that the vessel is ordered by HAL daughter HAL Antillen NV. Is there a reason fore because I have seen this not by previous keel laying plates?

    Hope the new Nieuw Amsterdam will be as glorius as here predeccesor of 1938.

    Greetings Frome the home port Rotterdam.
    Ben van Zeijl

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