Nieuw Amsterdam’s 140th Anniversary Celebrations

Nieuw Amsterdam’s 140th Anniversary Celebrations

We held our 140th anniversary event in the showroom at sea. All guests were invited for a special presentation with a very special surprise.


The event started off with Cruise Consultant Matt Caplinger introducing the event and showing a video about the history of HAL. Afterwards Matt turned over the microphone to our Captain Vincent Smit.

Captain Vincent Smit.

Captain Vincent Smit.

The Captain had prepared a speech to address to our guests and afterwards the special surprise was unveiled. Together with beautiful lighting and sounds the special birthday cake consisting of the 4 company flags throughout the history of HAL, the Rotterdam office where it all began as well as the four Nieuw Amsterdam ships that have been part of HAL’s history were unveiled.




It was a spectacular sight and guests went crazy seeing the display come together. Numerous guests took pictures of the wonderful display, which had been made possible by our creative team onboard from the dining room, galley, technical and stage department, who all worked closely together to make it such a perfect sight. Our dining room team under the leadership of our lead carver I Wayan and carvers Dewa and I Made were responsible for making the beautiful ships as well as the Rotterdam office. Our galley department under the direction of our patissier Armando and Mlecio, Paul, Eddie and Floreta were responsible for making the four company flag cakes as well as the 140th anniversary cakes at the entrance to the lounge. Our technical team under the leadership of our sr. carpenter Rudy and carpenters Zaldy and Angelito did all the preparations for making the stands to put all the cakes on and our stage team under the direction of our stage manager Chris made sure that the entire event went flawless from beginning to end.

After the spectacular unveiling I introduced all the people responsible for creating the display and then gave an explanation of each company flag, the office building in Rotterdam and the ships.



Afterwards Matt introduced our four Cantare singers to sing Happy Birthday to HAL on stage and at that point our dining room stewards came from each side of the lounge with birthday cake for each guests and we had our special 140th anniversary cocktail available to our guests.


Cantare singers.

Cantare singers.


Afterwards Matt spoke about all the different cruises that are available throughout the coming years and to finish off the event we played a special video from all the crew onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam. All in all it turned out to be a truly memorable event, which our guests will certainly remember for a long time to come.

Marco van Belleghem is Nieuw Amsterdam’s hotel director.


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  1. Steve J. Garrod April 18, 2013 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    What an outstanding celebration on such a magnificent ship in the fleet.

  2. Denise April 19, 2013 at 10:20 pm - Reply

    My husband and myself say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 140 YEARS!!!! We will be on your magnificent ship out of Barcelona on July 26th for a 24 day cruise to Venice!!! Counting the days. We are 3 star Mariners and this will be our 7th cruise. We are lucky because our HAL has a home port in San Diego, Calif. and we take what is called a coaster(train) in 20minutes to the dock. Love HAL.
    Happy cruising :)
    Denise from sunny San Diego, Ca

  3. Patricia July 4, 2014 at 10:44 am - Reply

    Wish we had been there for the Happy Birthday party as we have really enjoyed being on this ship and especially watching Cantare performing. Best show we have ever attended on a ship. We even bought their CD. We look forward to another cruise soon.

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