Nieuw Amsterdam Photos: June 16, 2010

The art is being installed as you can see. Work in the public areas is in full swing and one can hardly imagine that some of these empty spaces will be turned into such elegant rooms.

The Lido Pool.

Art work.

More art work.

Thermal suite.

Culinary Arts Center.

Furniture for the balconies has arrived and the crew is lining up to transfer the furniture from the Lido deck to all the balconies. The crew proved to be very creative as usual, as it was a rainy day, the crew took the packing materials and turned them into hats. Talk about recycling!

The Shops.

Setting the stage in the Showroom at Sea.

Bert van Mackelenbergh is Statendam’s hotel manager. He is currently in Italy visiting Nieuw Amsterdam at the Fincantieri shipyard.


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  1. Mike Littman June 19, 2010 at 9:54 am - Reply

    Looks really spectacular! Can’t wait ’til October, and Venice. There is something about HAL that makes it the only way to go.

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