Mellow First Call at Milford Sound

Mellow First Call at Milford Sound

Here are some pictures taken on our first call of the season into Milford Sound, on the west coast of New Zealand. The weather was unseasonably good for October!

Kind Regards,

James Cook
2nd Officer
m.s. Volendam

The entrance to Milford Sound.

Mountain peak in Milford Sound.

View of Sterling Falls from the bridge wing.

Sterling Falls

The top of Sterling Falls.

Another picturesque waterfall in Milford Sound.


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  1. may delory November 3, 2010 at 11:50 am - Reply

    Wow… these pictures recall for me just how fabulous the cruise on the ms Volendam was for me and my only daughter. We cannot say enough good things about how wonderfully well designed this cruise to New Zealand was. http://bit.ly/8kHhde We sailed in Feb when it is very cold in Ontario; but the weather in NZ was perfect for us…70s. And the light in NZ is rather special…landscapes, people…everything seemed that much more bright and clear. The pace of the cruise was ideal and the free daily educational seminars/discussions were extremely enjoyable. Another thing…it was too long since I’d kicked up my heels on the dance floor. Taking a cruise presents the opportunity to try new activities or get back into the swing of tried and true and feel like a kid again exploring the world. Thanks HAL for knocking off a couple of decades in this gal’s heart.

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