Learn to Make Caribbean Coolers at Mixology Class

Learn to Make Caribbean Coolers at Mixology Class

As part of the Culinary Arts Center program, guests can take mixology classes that teach how to concoct drinks like a professional bartender. On Caribbean voyages, guests can taste the island life and learn how to make refreshing cocktails dripping with tropical flavors.

Three of the most popular drinks are fruity, cool and fresh. Which cocktail would you like to learn how to make?

Ultra-Strawberry Lemonade
Hand-pressed lemons, strawberry and a generous portion of Vodka are shaken like crazy by our mixologists to make this refreshing delight.


Cosmo Cubana
A sensational combination of hand pressed limes, fresh mint, fresh citrus sour, pineapple infused Rum and cranberry juice. Clean and refreshing.


Blue Coco Mojito
Coconut Rum and fresh lime are expertly shaken together with fresh mint and soda for the perfect “sit and watch the world go by” sipper.



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