iPad iBlog: A Day at Sea on the Fourth of July

iPad iBlog: A Day at Sea on the Fourth of July

In celebration of Independence Day we donned our red, white, blue and were welcomed by a very patriotic display in the Vista Dining Room. Next, we took part in a galley tour.

Independence Day on board the Oosterdam.

The galley tour provided an interesting behind-the-scenes look of the food operations aboard our ship. Meet a few of the crew members that prepare all the wonderful salads, entrees, and desserts we will enjoy this week.

Then we attended a fabulous cooking demonstration in the Culinary Arts Center.

In this photo Amber assists Chef Siva as he prepares Le Cirque's famous Lobster Salad and Creme Brûlée.

Le Cirque's famous Lobster Salad.

Pamela Baade is Holland America Line’s manager of corporate giving. She is currently sailing on board Oosterdam and will be blogging from an iPad throughout her Alaska vacation.


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