Immerse Yourself in the Glory Days of the Incan Empire with a 28-day Legendary Voyage

This year is being called the year of transformation, at we’re hoping to transform your travels by taking you to some of the most incredible locales in the world. Looking for something that combines a deep history, picture-perfect scenery and some of the world’s most impressive sites? Join us for our 28-day Incan Empires Legendary Voyage on Maasdam and set sail for Mayan ruins and Machu Picchu, all on one cruise.

It’s not too late if you’re looking to get away soon! Departing San Diego, California, Feb. 25, 2018, the cruise heads to sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At Cabo, as it is affectionately known, guests can take a fishing, golfing or whale-watching EXC Tour … or mix it up with a camel ride on the beach while enjoying the beautiful views of the Baja California Peninsula. It’s not every day you can ride a camel in Mexico!


See the Lands End Arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Two sea days follow before the ship docks at Huatulco, Mexico, a port for sun-seekers. With nine bays and 36 beaches, Huatulco offers world-class beaches, ideal for guests who enjoy beachside relaxation or even snorkeling. The cruise then moves to one of Mexico’s newest cities, Puerto Chiapas. At Puerto Chiapas, cruisers should explore the Maya ruins of Izapa. Although not as well-known as some of the Maya sites of southern and eastern Mexico, Izapa is impressive nonetheless with its untouched natural surroundings.

The cruise then heads to Fuerte Amador, Panama, a gateway to exploring the many faces of this unique Central American country. Known as the western entrance to the Panama Canal, guests should head to the Miraflores Locks’ visitor center for panoramic views and the chance to watch behemoth barges thread their way through the legendary manmade waterway. Two sea days follow as the cruise sets a course for South America.

Arriving at Trujillo, Peru, guests can see both the Spanish and native heritage of the region. Trujillo’s Plaza de Armas will take you back to the days of the conquistadors, while the nearby Chimu capital of Chan Chan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Mochica sites of Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, provide a look at the civilizations that predate even the Incas. From Salaverry, the ship moves to the Peruvian port of Callao for an overnight call, providing ample time for guests to explore the capital city of Lima. This booming city is home to modern skyscrapers, a cultural potpourri of world-class museums and one of the most exciting and dynamic culinary landscapes in the world.


See La Plaza Mayor in Lima, Peru.

For guests looking to experience one of the most incredible sites on the continent, our Cuzco & Machu Picchu Overland Adventure tour is a perfect way to explore the iconic ruins of Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu

An overland tour to Machu Picchu is the most convenient way to visit this world wonder.

The cruise then calls at Manta, Ecuador’s most important coastal city, before making a northward path for Puerto Caldera (Puntarenas), Costa Rica. The town, a busy working port on the surface, makes an ideal base where guests can venture out to explore the variety of Costa Rica’s outdoor attractions, from lush jungles to pristine beaches along the Pacific. Guest can take EXC Tours to swim at the base of a waterfall, sight-see near active volcanoes, bird-watch in nature reserves and go horseback riding on Pacific beaches.

Costa Rica

Fly through the jungles of Costa Rica on an EXC Tour.

From Costa Rica, the sailing continues its Central American exploration at Corinto, Nicaragua. Given the port’s proximity to León, it’s easy for cruise guests to take a day trip to this beautiful city established by Spanish conquistadors in 1524. While there, guests should sample the traditional dish called vigorón, a hearty plate heaped with pork, boiled yuca and cabbage salad.


Explore Puerto Vallarta’s old city on the 28-day Incan Empires Legendary Voyage.

After two sea days, the cruise returns to Mexican shores with calls at Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. While at “PV” — as locals call the city — guests should head to the gorgeous parish church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, topped with an ornate crown, overlooking the port. Or they can choose to enjoy another day of “fun in the sun” with whale-watching, snorkeling or jet-skiing in Banderas Bay. Two sea days follow before the voyage concludes at San Diego.

If exploring the Pacific coasts of Latin America strikes your fancy, head to the Holland America Line website or consult your travel professional to book this Legendary Voyage.


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