Hobbiton Crew Tour in New Zealand

Hobbiton Crew Tour in New Zealand

During Oosterdam’s South Pacific Crossing, International Concierge Maria Boyen shared with me her experience on the Hobbiton Movie Set crew tour that took place March 28, 2013, near Tauranga, New Zealand. She and the crew loved visiting the original movie set of “The Lord of the Rings!”

Twenty-two brave men and women of the fellowship of the Oosterdam made their long journey to the Shire and followed Frodo’s hairy footsteps. There they enjoyed a sunny afternoon stroll passing many hobbit holes and enjoyed the view over the Shire and a short rest under the Party Tree. The journey continued through a little forest path and over the bridge next to the watermill to the Green Dragon, where the crew enjoyed a cup of cool Hobbit beer.

Hobbiton Crew Tour

Natalie Ansari is Oosterdam’s human resources manager.


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