Half Moon Cay Rocks

Half Moon Cay Rocks

Ah, the fabulous beaches of Half Moon Cay. Don’t you wish you were there? Guests Jos and Monique Bruijstens enjoyed spending their winter holiday with us, and they sent in these great shots in honor of “Beach Week!” Enjoy!

Last December we had a wonderful cruise on board ms Westerdam in the Caribbean. For us “Dutchies” it was very strange to listen to Jingle Bell Rock on the shipboard radio while enjoying the sun and the sweet life on board.

We also had great culinary experiences in the Pinnacle Grill and it has been pleasure seeing how they [the crew] love their job and pamper the guests. We will be back soon onboard of one of the Dam ships, thank you for this wonderful cruise and we hope you like the pictures.

~ Jos and Monique Bruijstens, ms Westerdam





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