HAL Mariner Reflects on ‘Cruise of a Lifetime’

HAL Mariner Reflects on ‘Cruise of a Lifetime’

I took this picture of the Prinsendam during our Baltic Explorer cruise on July 9, 2011. We were on our tour bus on our way to the Brunsbuttel Port at the west end of the Kiel Canal to get back on the ship. We had disembarked earlier in the morning at the Kiel Port at the east end of the canal and had spent the day doing a bus tour into, and of the environs, of Hamburg, Germany. Very enjoyable tour as usual. Lunch, of either fish or a brautwurst plus sides, was very delicious at a very nice restaurant. Oh how my wife and I both really enjoyed the Baltic Explorer cruise. Cruise of a lifetime. – Jim Hathcoat, HAL Mariner

Prinsendam at the west end of the Kiel Canal in Germany.

I took these pictures while we were on the bridge going over the west end of the Kiel Canal, returning from our day tour of Hamburg.

The aft verandahs on Prinsendam.


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  1. Steve Chisholm August 8, 2011 at 2:55 pm - Reply

    Wonderful pictures! Sounds like a magnificent cruise. What did Prinsendam run in to? She’s got quite a dent on her bow…

  2. Jim Hathcoat August 9, 2011 at 1:42 am - Reply

    According to a lady at our dinner table one evening, she said she was on the Prinsendam on a very recent cruise when they ran into some VERY rough seas that not only bent that part of the bow but also broke a bunch of the windows on the ship. She said they took some real jolts coming over the waves and that it was not fun. I can’t remember if she ever told us where it happened.

    The Prinsendam is really a neat ship. We waited in line on the ship only once during our two week cruise, and that was for a to-order omelet. And since the ship is smaller, you don’t have to walk all that far to get to anywhere on the ship that you want to go to. During open-seating dinner every evening, which was really a lot of fun, we met probably 5 or 6 folks who had done multiple cruises of the Prinsendam. They too loved the ship.

  3. jodi September 16, 2011 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    She looks like a beauty! Have heard wonderful things about her. Hope to take a nice leisurely journey on her one day!

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