HAL Embarks On the Next Great Chapter with New Logo & Brand Campaign

Holland America Line is evolving its image with a new brand campaign that introduces a refreshed logo, new advertising campaign and new tag line that invites guests to “Savor the Journey.” The new slogan encourages travelers to embrace the exhilaration of a Holland America Line cruise, both onboard and ashore.

The updated blue and white logo is still classic, but simpler and forward looking. It continues to feature the company’s timeless oval around a Holland America Line ship, with the bold blue hull that guests associate with the brand purposefully breaking out of the oval plane. Fonts were updated to be cleaner and more contemporary and “Savor the Journey” appears under the company name.


“‘Savor the Journey’ is all-encompassing and tells the story of today’s Holland America Line cruise experience, from our breadth of destinations to our classic style, gracious service, impeccable cuisine, onboard entertainment and enrichment programs,” said Orlando Ashford, Holland America Line’s president. “Our goal was to marry how we present the brand with what motivates our guests to travel today. That theme carries through to the logo, advertising, marketing collateral, partnerships and other enhancements.”

New Advertising Campaign to Reach More Cruisers

In addition to the logo and tagline, Holland America Line is introducing new advertising efforts that include both local-market and national television commercials — a first for the cruise line in several years. Emphasizing the company’s classic style and enriching journeys, the integrated campaign also includes new print ads, radio spots, digital advertising, direct mail and email.

The 30-second television commercial takes viewers on a visual journey through the sights and sounds found on a Holland America Line cruise. From the memorable adventures shore side in ports around the world to the onboard ambiance that encapsulates the brand, viewers become immersed in the Holland America Line experience.

Television ads and radio spots will run through late March in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California; New York, New York; Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Washington, DC. Some national television placements and exposure helped kick off the campaign. Viewers can look for the commercials during a variety of shows including “Today,” “The Voice,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Saturday Night Live” and “60 Minutes,” as well as during other programming on networks including HGTV, History, Bravo, Golf Channel, MSNBC, USA Network and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

“We haven’t had a broadcast campaign to this extent in many years, so it’s exciting to see the brand taking steps to increase awareness and spread the word that if you want to see the world in the most enriching way possible, Holland America Line is the company to take you there,” Ashford added.

The new print ads encourage travelers with taglines of “Write the Next Great Chapter in Your Life Story” and use vivid imagery to illustrate “Mediterranean Blues and Delta Blues. On One Cruise.” Another ad proves that it’s not impossible to visit “Barcelona and Lincoln Center in One Day” on a Holland America Line ship.

One of the new Holland America Line print ads.

One of the new Holland America Line print ads.

Readers will find the new print ads running in leading travel and lifestyle publications, including AFAR; Bon Appétit; Condé Nast Traveler; Departures; Food & Wine; O, The Oprah Magazine; Porthole; Smithsonian; Travel + Leisure and more, as well as top trade publications.

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  1. William N. Termyn February 4, 2016 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    The small image of the galleon against the towering hull of the contemporary ocean liner, represented and emphasized the tremendous legacy of Holland’s elegant and rich Golden Age, embedded into the vision of the current Holland America Line. Many an ancestor of mine proudly sailed on those galleons as well as the more recent merchant and line passenger vessels. The rash decision to remove that image and “modernize” the logo into a non-descript boat, emphasizes your ignorance about the historical background and meaning of that small galleon and demolishes all that the former “old fashioned” logo represented. Well done!!!

  2. Joel Heine February 21, 2016 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    I love it! With 122 days sailing with HAL this new Logo is refreshing and quite inviting. Can’t wait until my next adventure sailing with HAL!!

  3. Fernando San Gil June 21, 2017 at 4:47 am - Reply

    We love cruising with Holland America Line, but we are saddened by the loss of the old sailing ship that sat in front of the modern ocean liner in the logo. To us, this was symbolic of a long and strong sailing tradition. We also mourn the loss of other unique HAL traditions, such as the HAL logo on the plates and cutlery in the dining room, and the pride shown by the dining stewards in positioning the plates so that the logo was just right.

  4. Bill Bok March 21, 2018 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    I fully agree with William N. Termyn (above) although I prefer to call the sailing ship the Batavia to explicitly evoke an image of worldwide exploration and adventure. With the Batavia on the logo it communicated progress, continuity and elegance. The new logo only features an art deco ship, telling everyone that HAL is a fuddy-duddy cruise line mired in the past.

  5. Benelux June 15, 2018 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    The new logo is not as good as the old one. The old one was clearly linked for everybody to the HAL. Furthermore was the sailing ship the link to the long tradition of the HAL
    Thus I support fully the comments made by Fernando San Gil

  6. Sean Hunter June 4, 2019 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    The small ship in front of the modern one should have stayed. It’s like saying that you are forgetting where you came from. Plus, it looked way cooler with the little sailing ship.

  7. Ronald Gregory Hunt March 11, 2020 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    We agree, the old logo was a statement of the past and the connection to the present. Marketing people seem to forget tradition. Yes, what ever happened to the pride of HAL cutlery and plates? “What is old is new again”, could very well be revisited. AND hey, how about made in the USA merchandise, we are quite distressed that most HAL logo clothing and souvenirs are made in China. Z & G – 3star Mariners.

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