Four Ships Offer Holland America Line’s Award-Winning South America and Antarctica Cruises in 2019-20

Four Ships Offer Holland America Line’s Award-Winning South America and Antarctica Cruises in 2019-20

The exciting lands of red-hot tango; ice-blue glaciers; and lush, green jungle come to life when Holland America Line’s Amsterdam, Koningsdam, Volendam and Zaandam head to South America and Antarctica in 2019–2020. From September 2019 through April 2020, the four ships offer cruises ranging from 14 to 48 days that cover the colorful cultures and stunning scenery of this vast continent.

Holland America Line’s South America and Antarctica cruises recently earned Best Cruise Line in the 2019 Travel Pulse Travvy Awards and a top-three pick in Cruise Critic’s Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards! More ships make it possible for more guests to embark on these award-winning itineraries.

Guests will explore exotic and remote ports that offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sailing on the Amazon River, strolling the bustling streets of Buenos Aires, relaxing on the golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro and visiting the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

Several cruises depart from or end at Rio De Janerio.

Several cruises depart from or end at Rio De Janerio.

Departures begin on both coasts of North and South America including Fort Lauderdale, Florida; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; Callao (Lima), Peru; San Antonio (Santiago), Chile; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Highlights include Zaandam’s full season of cruising, Koningsdam’s 48-day Voyage of the Americas, the longest itinerary of the season; Amsterdam’s 35-day Incan Empires; and Volendam’s 30-day Amazon Explorer.

Nearly all of the itineraries feature overnight calls at some of South America’s most iconic cities, including Buenos Aires; Callao; Rio de Janeiro; Manaus, Brazil; and Fuerte Amador, Panama, giving guests ample time to explore these remarkable destinations and experience the vibrant nightlife.

Zaandam’s Sensational South America Season
Kicking off its extensive South America season, Zaandam embarks on a 33-day Panama Canal, Inca & South America Discovery Collectors’ Voyage Oct. 16, 2019, from Fort Lauderdale to Rio de Janeiro. The ship visits ports in Aruba, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. The sailing include a transit of the Panama Canal and an overnight at Callao.

Guests also can choose two segments of this voyage: a 17-day Inca Discovery & Panama Canal itinerary from Fort Lauderdale to San Antonio (Santiago) and a 16-day South America Passage from San Antonio (Santiago) to Rio de Janeiro.


Guests can visit a penguin colony from several South American ports.

Zaandam then sails a series of 14- or 16-day South America Passage cruises between San Antonio (Santiago) and Buenos Aires through March that features calls including Puerto Montt, Puerto Chacabuco and Punta Arenas, Chile; Ushuaia, Argentina; Stanley, Falkland Islands; and Montevideo, Uruguay, as well as scenic cruising in the breathtaking Chilean Fjords and around Cape Horn.

Guests longing for the ultimate white Christmas can embark on Zaandam’s 22-Day South America & Antarctica Holiday Dec. 18 from Buenos Aires to San Antonio. The cruise includes calls in Uruguay, Argentina, the Falkland Islands and Chile. The sailing features an overnight in Buenos Aires and four days exploring the incredible vistas of Antarctica, as well as scenic cruising in the Chilean Fjords. Guests also can embark on this itinerary Jan. 9 or Jan. 31.

Zaandam concludes its South America season with a 33-day South America, Inca & Panama Canal Discovery Collectors’ Voyage from Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale. The sailing includes overnights at Buenos Aires, Callao and Fuerte Amador, as well as calls in the Falkland Islands, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Aruba and the Bahamas. For a shorter cruise, guests can embark on a 17-day segment from San Antonio to Fort Lauderdale.

Exploring Incan Empires with Amsterdam
Departing Sept. 23, Amsterdam sails a 21- to 35-day Incan Empires cruise from Seattle to San Diego down the Pacific coasts of North and South America visiting Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The voyage includes an overnight in Callao (Lima), allowing time for a visit to Machu Picchu. Holland America Line also offers a 21-day cruise from Seattle to Callao.

Machu Picchu at sunrise, Peru

Machu Picchu at sunrise.

In addition to departures from Seattle, guests can book a 34- or 20-day segment from Vancouver; a 14- or 28-day segment from San Diego; or a 14-day sailing from Callao.

Koningsdam Embarks on a Voyage of the Americas
On March 15, 2020, Koningsdam embarks on a 48-day Voyage of the Americas from Fort Lauderdale to Vancouver. The cruise calls at ports in Barbados, French Guiana, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Canada. The sailing also includes an overnight in Buenos Aires.

Along with the full 48-day itinerary, guests can book nine segments: 18-, 32- or 44-day segments from Fort Lauderdale; 14-, 26- or 30-day segments from Buenos Aires; or 12- or 16-day segments from Callao.

Volendam Cruises the Longest River in the World
Conveniently sailing roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale Nov. 20, 2019, Volendam sets sail on a 30-day Amazon Explorer voyage. The ship will sail throughout the Caribbean visiting St. Bart’s, St. Lucia, Barbados, Curaçao and Grand Cayman. However, the highlight of this cruise is Brazil. Guests will enjoy two weeks exploring this dynamic country with calls at multiple ports, including an overnight at Manaus at the end of the Amazon River and three full days of cruising the world’s longest river.

Amazon River

The mighty Amazon River.

South America’s Many Cultures Come Aboard with EXC Programs
Throughout the cruises, EXC programming brings South America local traditions, culinary tastes and cultural experiences to life on board. Guests will experience a full immersion into the natural wonders of the region, guided by Holland America Line’s onboard Antarctic Exploration Team. Guests who want to learn more about the region can attend an EXC Talk about the ports of call, or enjoy a cooking demonstration or themed mixology class featuring local fare. The Dining Room and Lido Market also will showcase the flavors of South America.

South America cruises feature a diverse selection of immersive shore excursions that provide guests with an authentic experience at each port of call. Tours focus on culture, history, nature, architecture, adventure, culinary and family outings. Exclusive culinary-themed FOOD & WINE shore excursions showcase the regions’ food scene from a local perspective.

If you’re looking to cruise to South America and Antarctica, check out Holland America Line’s cruises for the upcoming year!


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