Eurodam’s Fun Food Facts

With approximately 2,104 guests on board each sailing, a lot of food and beverages are consumed. Here’s a selection of items, including everything from eggs to beer, that tickle the palates of Eurodam guests every week. When you actually see the numbers, it truly is amazing that there’s even enough space on board to store the consumables!

Average weekly consumption of food on board:

Meat and meat products: 11,830 pounds
Poultry: 3,814 pounds
Fish: 1,875 pounds
Seafood: 2,575 pounds
Fresh vegetables: 137,500 pounds
Potatoes: 7,750 pounds
Watermelon: 2,300 pounds
Dairy: 5,500 quarts
Ice cream: 300 gallons
Butter and margarine: 1,675 pounds
Eggs: 23,040
Sugar: 950 pounds
Flour: 3,150 pounds
Rice for crew: 3,500 pounds
Assorted sodas: 362 cases
Assorted beers: 332 cases
Champagne and sparkling wines: 450 bottles
Assorted wines: 1,636 bottles
Water: 280 cases


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