Spend a Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a Canada New England Cruise

Spend a Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on a Canada New England Cruise

Travel writer Sherry Laskin sailed aboard Maasdam from June 2-10 to Canada/New England and documented the experience on her site, Cruise Maven. Here is her third entry. To read the full post, click HERE.

When we departed from Bar Harbor, it was still raining and very windy, with rough seas. By the time we docked in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the next morning, most of the rain had subsided, but the clouds and wind still prevailed. Once again, I ordered breakfast room service. Even though the Maasdam is a smaller ship, I still wanted to avoid the buffet breakfast crowd. Here’s one trick I’ve learned regarding breakfast in your cabin.

Breakfast in your cabin made easy
Before I retire, I clear off place so that the attendant has a spot to set the tray. Otherwise, you might stumble around while still half asleep, to clear an area for the heavy tray. Also, I set out a couple of dollars to give to the delivery person. It’s probably not necessary to do this, but they’ve filled your breakfast order, schlepped it to your room, and waited for you to answer the door, so why not give them a small tip.

Room service.

This was my fourth visit to Halifax. All the other visits, I arrived under cloudless blue skies with a gentle sea breeze. Then, I’ve leisurely walked for hours admiring much that Halifax has to offer, all within a few miles of the harbor. Today I decided to break my routine and opted for a bus tour. Despite the weather, I was going to visit one of the most picturesque locations in the Atlantic Provinces, Peggy’s Cove.

Getting to Peggy’s Cove

The rain let up enough so that we could queue up for the motor coach without getting soaked. Most everyone carried an umbrella and wore some sort of rain parka. The smartest folks had parkas with hoods. The distance to Peggy’s Cove was only a forty-five minute bus ride. The tour guide pointed out bits of history and popular landmarks as the bus slowly meandered out of the city.

As our coach turned off the highway and onto the rural routes, the scenery definitely became quite interesting. Towards the end of the Ice Age, as the glaciers made their slow march across the tundra, hundreds of enormous granite boulders were deposited along their paths to the sea. Hundreds of these huge grey boulders that dot the landscape give the area a unique and rugged appearance. But that’s not the main attraction that brings thousands of visitors to Peggy’s Cove each year.

Peggy's Cove.

Peggy's Cove.


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  1. don July 31, 2012 at 10:18 pm - Reply

    I have been on a dozen HAL cruise’s… I love the breakfast! Too be the best meal in which they offer onboard…

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