Digital Workshop: Flash Drive Frenzy

Special thanks to Westerdam’s Techspert Tom who posted this on the Microsoft Blog.

Good day to you all!

Techspert Tom here, blogging from the ms Westerdam. This week we were at wonderful ports of call: Nassau, St. Thomas, St. Barths, and the always gorgeous Half Moon Cay. Being from Boston, MA, I love the Caribbean…Anything to get away from the cold and snow! Anywho, this is what I have for you today.

Throughout my days at sea, a lot of guests have asked me how to transfer their pictures, or edited pictures from the computer onto a Memory Card or a Flash Drive. Unfortunately, you can not put the pictures you have edited from Windows Live Photo Gallery DIRECTLY to a flash drive or back on your memory card from the program itself.

Once you edit your pictures, you have to find them in your computer and manually ‘drag and drop’ them into your flash drive or memory card. (For this example, I’ll put editing pictures from my computer onto a memory card)

Once you completed your editing in Windows Live Photo Gallery, the thing to make note of is that your pictures are actually stored in your “Pictures” folder in your computer. The pictures are not within the program itself, again they are located in your “Pictures” folder.

So what you have to do is open your “Pictures” folder and that can be located in the Start Menu.

start menu

Once the “Pictures” folder is open, we want to use the snapping feature of Windows 7 to make this process easier.

To use the snap feature, you need to click and hold on the ‘Title Bar’ of the that windows and move your mouse to the left side of the screen until your arrow actually hits the edge of the screen.

comp snapshot

Once your mouse hits the edge of the screen, you will see a transparent window pop up, vertically maximized but exactly half of your screen size and then you can release your mouse, snapping your window into place!

snap picture

Now we need to open your “Computer” folder, which is also conveniently located within the ‘Start Menu’. Once the “Computer” folder is open, we need to gain access to your Memory Card or Flash Drive. I am moving my picture onto my Memory Card (please note that your Memory Card may have a different name than mine). Once you find your Memory Card or Flash Drive, double-left click on your device to open it up.

my comp

And again, I would snap the “Computer” folder to the right side of the screen, just as we did for the “Pictures” folder so we can easily drag and drop our edited pictures onto the Memory Card.

The hard work is over. All we need to do now is to either find the folder where we edited pictures or you can individually transfer one picture at a time. I am going to transfer an Edited Pictures folder. To do so, I need to left click and hold on the “Edited Pictures” folder, and then move my mouse to my Memory Card on the right side of the screen.

fullscreen transfer

Once I release the mouse on the Memory Card folder, a progress window will give you an estimated time of how long it will take for the pictures to copy over.

screen cap

Once that completes, your Edited Pictures are now onto your Memory Card or Flash Drive!

screen cap

ms Westerdam

Holland America Line is a proud partner of Microsoft on the Digital Workshop powered by Windows program.


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