Cruise Diary: Final Preparations

Cruise Diary: Final Preparations

Dutch TV host and adventure seeker Charlotte Squarcy is on board for part of Amsterdam’s Grand World Voyage, and she sent in this post before she left. Enjoy!


Finally closing the suitcase, prepaying the bills and farming out the pooch. Time to quit trying to imagine what to take along to wear for extremes of climate and to otherwise be comfortable aboard. Thankfully, on a Grand Voyage HAL provides a booklet of suggestions that even a seasoned traveller might appreciate. I think I’ll start using emoticons in lieu of gold stars. (Thought the shades would be appropriate because the pamphlet reminded me that I need extra protection from not only the summer sun but also the severe effect of the thinness of the ozone layer at such a southerly latitude.)

On another subject, I’ll be following my personal interest to collect sand samples during the voyage. This time, amazingly, from three continents! Not to mention the island chains along the way. But if you have an interest in a point of our itinerary and wish me to “Ask a Local,” then please drop a comment at the bottom of the posting and I will try to oblige. So, “see you soon on a brand-new show!”


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