Cruise Diary: Feb. 6, San Diego’s Waterfront

Cruise Diary: Feb. 6, San Diego’s Waterfront

Cees enjoys the view of Zaandam from his hotel balcony.

Dear Bloggers:

We are happy to be back on board of a Holland America Line ship. This time Zaandam for a cruise from san Diego to Mexican Riviera.

Before we boarded Zaandam we visited the San Diego Maritime Museum, which is situated only two minutes from the cruise terminal. It’s a total floating museum, which means that all the museum stock will be found on the historic museum ships.

You can spend a day to see all of it, but we had to do a visit for only two hours because Zaandam was waiting for us.
We are used to a very smoothly operated check-in for Holland America ships. No exception for San Diego — staff everywhere to show the right directions.

Within 20 minutes all formalities were fulfilled and we entered Zaandam, which will be our home for 11 days.

Cees and Yvon Kloppenburg

The San Diego Maritime Museum.

Exterior of the submarine.

Yvon maneuvering inside the submarine.

Cees moves around like a real submariner.

Dining facilities on the sub.

Bunks in the engine room.

Museum model maker at work.

Zaandam check-in went very smoothly.


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