Captain’s Log: Valentine’s Baked Alaska

Captain’s Log: Valentine’s Baked Alaska

WARNING WARNING: Valentine’s Day is near so get ready (this is especially for the men in my acquaintance).

This cruise I revisited my Baked Alaska dish during the celebrity cookoff, but with a twist. I (read Bien my little helper) made the color of the meringue pink and attempted a heart shape, although that didn’t turn out totally. But the chocolate heart on top was clear enough. I made individual portions for the judges as well as a big one to share with the audience.

A line actually formed to taste my concoction and after the passengers were finished with it the crumbs went to the crew. I don’t believe the plates needed to be washed, they were that clean ;) Rudi Sodamin eat your heart out!

Werner Timmers is Zuiderdam’s captain.


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