Captain’s Log: Glacier Bay Scenic Cruising

Zuiderdam’s guests enjoyed scenic cruising at Glacier Bay, Alaska, yesterday.

Another Wednesday and it has turned out beautiful here in Glacier Bay. It started off foggy but halfway it opened up and we had some fabulous weather.


We did not see a whole lotta wildlife but I did catch a lone puffin on camera. Actually there were two but the other one flew away. This one just turned its back on me. That happens a lot with me and animals.

The lone puffin.

The lone puffin.

I also managed to miss the glacier calving as evident from the below pictures.



The last shot is not what it looks like. The glaciers produce quite a bit of meltwater and that flows through the glacier until it finds its way to the face where it appears sometimes in spectacular fashion.

Hopefully we’ll see some whales on the way out. This morning we saw about 10 so chances are good.

Best Regards,
Captain Werner Timmers
Master ms Zuiderdam


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