Captain Timmers’ Famous Lobster & Fennel Cake!

Every once in a while I get invited to “cook” with the chef in what is called the Celebrity Cook Off. Two teams face off to cook a delicious meal using a couple secret ingredients in 30 minutes. While I do pretty good at steering the ship, cooking is definitely not my forte. However, if I’m invited I will not stand on the sidelines and boil water for show. So being a connoisseur on desserts (the eating part) I decided I could try my hand at making a cake.

Captain Timmers showing off his famous Lobster and Fennel Cake.

In the picture is my world famous Lobster and Fennel Cake. It is called that because we were forced to use all the “secret” ingredients. So I used them in the name of the cake. No lobster or fennel went into the cake! The end result looked pretty good and tasted even better (this is a “wet” cake, with the middle layer soaked in rum). Please note the distinctive color pattern that is revealed when you cut into the cake — it shows the colors of the Dutch flag.

Werner Timmers is Zuiderdam’s captain.


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