Busy Day at Manila, Philippines

Below are some pictures from Manila on March 9 with all the families coming on board to visit Amsterdam during our call. As you can see, with over 1,500 visitors expected it was a busy but fantastic day for our crew. At the end of the day we were treated to a fireworks display, which pleased the guests and crew.

manila and hk 007

manila and hk 005

manila and hk 036

manila and hk 035

manila and hk 033

manila and hk 029

manila and hk 026

manila and hk 023

manila and hk 022

manila and hk 021

manila and hk 011

manila and hk 010

manila and hk 009

manila and hk 058

manila and hk 046

manila and hk 044

Julie Michelle Berndsen is Amsterdam’s human resources manager.


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  1. Sally Prince March 29, 2013 at 9:05 pm - Reply

    Whilst families enjoyed a day on board, care of Holland America, I, as a passenger, was shown equal generosity and given the opportunity to experience the opposite. I was invited by my friend, Ramil, bass player of Serendipity, to his home where I had the honour of meeting his family, eating authentic Filipino food and truly entering into the culture. I was also given a wonderful guided tour of the city, made all the more exciting as it was conducted via motorbike through the crazy Manila traffic, and I was able to visit many extra interesting places in addition to all the well-known highlights, gaining a valuable insight into the history and everyday life of the Philippines. Ramil was a great ambassador for his country. My only regret was not having time for shopping in the famous Mall – I didn’t want to be late back…!!!! Maybe next time …

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