A Special Passover Seder on Oosterdam

Our Passover started out as a quiet and humble event with 18 guests inquiring about the Seder dinner. By dinner we had 87 confirmed guests. The process required a lot of work and orchestration by the three main departments. The process and dinner flow worked perfectly. This was the largest Seder table which was 96 feet in length. We managers are often asked to make reference about the events but in reality we can only account for what took place and it is only when we hear from the people that we touch can we really measure whether we did a good job or not and if we “exceeded once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” The following letter is from one of our guests that exemplifies the feedback by those who attended this Passover Seder.

The Passover Seder was outstanding. We enjoyed every precious minute. Cantor Larry sang extremely well. The food was good. Over 70 people of different ages participated for free. What a delightful evening, It was beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for doing this for us. We will long remember it. – The Zeleznick Family, Lowell, Ina, Mark, Nicolette and Raquel

P.S. A great Cantor with a beautiful voice!

From left: Culinary Manager Simon Tanner, Rabbi Cantor Lawrence Kornit, me and Assistant Culinary Manager Calvin Dsouza.

Douglas Hernandez is Oosterdam’s hotel manager.


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