A Special Easter Aboard Eurodam

A Special Easter Aboard Eurodam


We decided to do a sunrise service on the Eurodam Easter morning. We talked to the event manager and hotel manager and got the OK. We asked Chief Officer Bas Van Dremel what time sunrise was going to be. He called the bridge and gave us the answer: 6:49 a.m.

So, we made our plans, not knowing if anyone would show at that early hour. We set the time to start at 6:30 a.m. Housekeeping was great and said they would set up for about 75 people and the techs said they would be there to hook us up for sound. All we needed was some special music.

We decided on two hymns, “Because He Lives” at sunrise and “Old Rugged Cross” to end the service, but we still needed some special music.

Tuesday morning as we walked to our desk a man came up to us and asked, “Are you the cruise consultants?” We answered yes and he said, “Are you the ones who do the Interdenominational service?” Again we answered yes. He then introduced himself as Den (Dennis) West and he told us that he and his wife, Bobby, are on board as entertainers and if we needed any help they would be glad to work with us.

He then told us their musical background and how he had played back-up to several stars in the past and now he and his wife entertain on the ships. When they are home they go to churches and do gospel singing. We were ecstatic, as our prayers had been answered just like that. We met with them and set up plans for them to do two special songs and they would lead the singing of the two hymns.

We went to their show that evening and — oh my goodness — are they great. Den plays the guitar, mandolin, steel guitar and banjo. They also sang together beautifully. We were amazed at these new friends we had found and how great it would make our service. So we were set. All we needed was good weather and some guests to show up.

Sunday morning we arose at 5 a.m., showered, dressed and headed for Lido Deck aft. Everything was great. Housekeeping was setting up chairs, the techs were getting the sound equipment ready and it was a beautiful morning. At 6:15 a.m. guests started arriving, so all was well.


We started the service at 6:30 a.m. and at 6:49 everyone stood and Den and Bobby led us as we started singing “Because He Lives” and right on cue the sun came up.

Den and Bobby singing during the service.


Our sunrise service was wonderful.

We also had a 9 a.m. service in the Queens Lounge.


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  1. seadog April 18, 2009 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Arky & Shirley are a great asset to HAL. My wife & I sailed with them (and of course the rest of the crew!) last year on the Zuiderdam and enjoyed both their service to HAL and service to God.

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