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23 Feb. 2017; At sea.

Today we are sailing back towards Florida and are on our way to Half Moon Cay our own private island. We are taking the outside route again, aiming for the North side of the Bahamian Islands. Then at the last minute we will dive inside and sail along Cat Island towards Half Moon Cay. That…   read more of “23 Feb. 2017; At…”

19 Feb. 2017; At Sea.

Most of the Caribbean Islands do not change their clocks at all and thus are an hour behind Florida during the winter months when North America goes to winter time. That means that on the first night out the ships clocks go one hour forward and that gives a very quiet morning in the Lido….   read more of “19 Feb. 2017; At…”

05 Feb. 2017; Short Update.

A short update: Although I had originally published a date of 1 Febr., to return to sea and to start blogging again, however due to some “dental challenges” this had to be postponed to Febr. 18. First ship still being the Eurodam. I have updated my sailing schedule (still subject to extremely much change) and also…   read more of “05 Feb. 2017; Short…”